Kate Beckinsale Wore 6-Inch Platform Boots to the Airport

I have a couple of rules when it comes to airport dressing. Number one: I always wear a hoodie so I can put the hood up and protect my hair from the back of the seat. Number two: I wear Nike Cortez sneakers because they’re supremely easy to slide on and off at security and at my seat when it’s nap time. Kate Beckinsale, on the other hand, seems to have her own travel fashion rules—and I respect her fearlessness. 

Photographed at LAX Aiport in Los Angeles, Beckinsale wore Y.R.U. Havoc Boots ($140), which feature lug soles and a towering heel. With laces and buckles, they don’t look like the easiest shoes to take off at security, so let’s hope she has TSA PreCheck. Another impracticality: the cumbersome boots take up a lot of precious legroom space on the plane, but if you’re flying private, perhaps that’s not an issue (I wouldn’t know!). Beckinsale pulled off the look with ease, but I’m not positive I could do the same. Scroll down to see Kate Beckinsale’s stylish new airport outfit. 

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