I Tried the TikTok-Viral Haircut Stars Like J.Lo and Sydney Sweeney Are Sporting

“She’s going to fly away after this,” joked Jerome Lordet, Salon and Style Director at Pierre Michele Salon, as he snipped away at my hair after I waltzed in and requested the haircut du jour: a butterfly cut. This style has recently been seen on a bevy of celebrities, and once I saw it, I knew I needed to try it for myself. 

A butterfly cut really speaks to the resurgence of the 90s. Think of it like a modern version of Rachel Green’s signature style from Friends—tons of face-framing layers that add movement and make hair feel weightless. Lordet says he’s been seeing a huge uptick in people asking for ultra-layered cuts at his salon. 

Anyone can try a butterfly cut, but it typically works best on thicker hair that isn’t too long. “If the hair is too long, you can’t do so many layers,” says Lordet. “As the hair gets shorter in length, the more layers you can do. If you do too many layers on long hair, the problem that can happen is you lose the thickness at the end.” 

Any texture can try butterfly cuts as well, but make sure to talk to your stylist about layers for your curl pattern that will help frame your face best. 

My hair feels lighter, has tons of movement and volume, and is super easy to style after getting a butterfly cut. I also feel like this is a more approachable way to try some of the more daring layered styles that have been gaining momentum (like wolf cuts or shags). Keep scrolling for other inspo and the products I’ve been using to style my new haircuts. 

Flipped out layers give this style a weightless look.

J.Lo shows how this cut looks on longer hair. 

Sydney Sweeney’s version has tons of movement.

Hailee Steinfeld’s curtain bangs add sweetness to this look.

Layers help give this style a little more movement. 

These layers blend effortlessly into a mid-length cut.

Face-framing looks sweet on a short cut. 

Tons of layers can give long hair volume for days.

Choppy layers help give curls more structure.

Curtain bangs add depth to this style. 

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