5 Outfits Approved by an NYC-Based Fashion Editor

I’m one of those people who’s constantly looking for new outfit ideas. Whether it’s a casual everyday look or I’m in need of something a little more dressed up, I find myself always saving outfits I love from Instagram, Pinterest, and my colleagues’ articles all the time. Sometimes all you need is to just see the outfit on someone else to realize you have all of the pieces already in your closet. Yep, styling a new look is easier than you think. I’m serious—nine times out of 10 when I see an outfit that I can’t wait to try, I can re-create it with pieces from my own wardrobe. Other times, I see outfits where I have everything except one of the main elements that brings the look together like a jacket or a pair of shoes. This fall, I have been more focused than ever on finding great outfits that work for me, and while researching, I found five great looks that I’ll be copying ASAP. 

Keep scrolling to see the outfit inspiration behind most of my fall looks.

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