5 Airport Outfit Mistakes That Are So Easy to Make

You would think that after all of the stories I’ve written about travel style in my years at Who What Wear that I would have forbidden myself from committing airport outfit crimes. Alas, I’m still guilty. My problem is that I tend to prioritize looking stylish over being comfortable, so I’m constantly reminding myself to heed my own advice. (I promise you both style and comfort are possible.)

And then there’s the fact that many of us haven’t traveled for over a year and are still navigating how to do that safely. When you add going through security, walking for what feels like miles through terminals, adapting to varying temperatures, and having to stay seated in one place for long periods of time to mix, it’s a lot to consider. Because it can get overwhelming, I’m confessing my most common previous airport outfit mistakes. They may be subtle, but avoiding them will make a difference in your comfort level as some of us explore traveling once again.

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