30 Zara Sweaters, Dresses & Shoes Approved By An Editor

I looked at my calendar recently and had no idea I had so many exciting things coming up. I’m getting ready to head ton Upstate New York this weekend for a little fall getaway, next week I’m off to Los Angeles for some warmer weather and to celebrate halloween, and dinners and events planned here in the city. As someone who likes to keep busy and is more on the soical side I love having a calendar this full, but with that being said I need to make sure I have great looks to wear to all of my upcoming fall plans. While I do admit I have expensive taste, I like to keep a budget in mind when I do my shopping and Zara always comes through. They have new arrivals coming in constantly and great pieces that can even pass for designer. Right now dresses, knits and shoes are at the top of my list while shopping and while doing my daily Zara deep dive I found everything I was looking for and then some. 

Since I’m not one to gatekeep, keep scrolling to see the 30 Zara dresses, knits, and shoes that are currently in my cart.

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