11 Mood-Boosting Beauty Products That Will Perk You Up ASAP

“Perfect skin” isn’t the goal of Topicals. In fact, the brand upholds the belief that perfect skin doesn’t exist. But it does strive to formulate products with the most effective ingredients. Before any product launches, it’s tested by a team of dermatologists for approval. “You don’t need 12+ products to achieve real results. The philosophy behind my line has always been around creating targeted solutions that help simplify your routine while also delivering results,” explains Olowe.

What I love most about Topicals is the narrative it’s creating. The brand is making it easier for those with chronic skin conditions like acne to feel more confident in their skin. With Topicals’s fun branding, its community engagement, and its commitment to phrases like, “You make skin look good, not the other way around,” it’s hard not to feel good about yourself. Since Olowe loves how beauty acts as a point of connection, I knew she wouldn’t mind sharing 11 of her must-have products for feeling good in her skin. Keep scrolling for her picks.

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